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“I’m going to write a book.” Oh, if I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that, but Brian meant it. After reading, I was hooked. It appears that Mr VC can tell a story - one that grabbed my attention and made me want to read the lessons that accompanied it.  I learned more about his family, his childhood friends, and his connection to Biblical truths in a book that would be filled with personal struggle, triumph, and lessons learned both the hard way and the easy. 

I’d never imagined that a book- even one filled with anecdotes, verses, and cleverly connected insights- would give me so much pause for thought. The prayer and guidance Brian illustrated in writing his book is reflected in the efficacy of his work. 

Thanks Mr. VC, for reminding all of us that our walk goes farther than we will ever know; may many be challenged, inspired, and blessed by your words.  Wendy



“Brian Van Cleave's “Jesus, a Man's Man” captures the essence of the spiritual and human side of manhood from a scriptural and personal perspective.  He brings together ten examples from Jesus' life on earth, to explore how a man balances all the complexities involved in living the life of a strong and insightful man.  The author shares fresh insight into the scriptural examples of what it is to grow as a man.  He also brings his own experiences to demonstrate how he took these lessons from Jesus' life and applied them to his own, for a deeper fulfillment of the balance of being a man.  The lessons from “Jesus, a Man's, Man” is for all who share the desire for spiritual balance in their lives, or in the life of a man whom the reader cares about.”

Bruce Nichols LMSW and Retired Captain for Hutchinson Fire Dept.

Hutchinson, Kansas



“Brian Van Cleave is a wonderful story teller.  He paints a clear, vivid picture, as if you are really in the moment with him.  As a Bible teacher he brings the Word of God to life.  It’s relatable, real, and applicable.  This book will speak to those who have read the Bible their whole lives and to those who have never heard of Jesus.   Brian uses his own life lessons and adventures combined with Bible history and scripture to help us recognize how Jesus is our companion and is calling us to be bold and righteous.  He shows us that submitting to Jesus is the most powerful thing any of us can do.  You will complete this book feeling inspired and encouraged to know and serve Jesus more.”

~Angie Dahlgren



“As I read Brian's manuscript for this book, I understood more of the back story that caused me to respect him and appreciate him as a fellow youth pastor, a senior pastor, and a longtime friend.  He has gently, without any male "chest-beating,” helped us, (and not just us males) to see certain aspects of Jesus' life that can help us all to live with humility, courage, and love.  It is especially good for me, and maybe one or two of you that want to join me, in our shared failures.  Not through any guilting, but in Jesus’ love and acceptance for us, I can, like Peter, come back to Him, again and again.  You'll see Jesus' work in this guy, and all of us guys can benefit.  Enjoy the read!”  

Andy Gilbert