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Out of the Wilderness

Out of the Wilderness


  Brian Van Cleave's “Out of the Wilderness is written in the same story telling style as his last book, “Jesus, a Man’s Man.”  Through personal life stories and the challenges Moses and the children of Israel faced in their exodus from Egypt and their wanderings in the desert, Brian shows that we too are not alone in our struggle to follow Jesus and be a Promised Land person.

  The author weaves solid Biblical teaching with personal life lessons to paint a unique and practical picture of what it means to follow Jesus as well as how to be a leader in His kingdom here on earth.

 The author shares how these principles affected his life as a leader and pastor, and how others can apply these examples to their own lives.

  The focus will be that Jesus wants us to become Promised Land people, living an abundant life for Jesus now in His kingdom on earth and leading others to maturity in Christ.

  This book will speak to and inspire those who are knowledgeable of the Bible as well as those who have never heard of Jesus.

  • Publisher: Trinity Broadcasting Network, Trilogy

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